Post Card Marketing

How does it work?

We print the postcards, place the leads on them, mail them for you.  The postcards contain your RegenaLife Website and Telephone number. When the the lead receives the postcard in the mail, they visit the website and enter their name, email and telephone number on the postcard capture form.  At this point 3 things happen;

1. You receive an email that a new lead has completed the postcard form.  The email contains their name, email & telephone number.
2. They are entered into the postcard autoresponder emails that explain to them the power of marketing with postcards.
3. They are redirected to a join RegenaLife Page where they can select the postcard marketing product option.

At this point we suggest you call or email them to assist them in joining RegenaLife. 

How many new people can I expect to get on my team with the postcards?

We cannot guarantee any results, however industry standards for this type of marketing range from 0.5% thru 2.0% return on investment